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Made to Measure Uniforms

Here are some questions that people ask about our Made-To Measure-Uniforms:

Where are your uniforms made?

Just as they have been for over 75 years, Tarpy's Made-To-Measure uniforms are all hand-sewn right here in the USA, by our master tailors. We have tailors on staff who have been working for Tarpy's as much as 35 years. We do not send your order overseas to be made.

Where is your fabric from?

We purchase our fabric from the same suppliers we have worked with for several decades. Unfortunately, most of the textile mills in the U.S. have closed over the years, so many of our fabrics have to come from overseas mills. Our suppliers work very hard to continue to provide us with only the highest quality uniform fabrics.

What is the fabric made of?

Typically, we use 55% Polyester, 45% Wool. In our experience, this provides the best balance between comfort, durability, and looks. Of course, we will be happy to make your uniform with whatever fabric you choose, as long as you understand the trade-offs.

How long will it take to get my uniform?

That is a difficult question to answer. Because our capacity is limited, it depends on how busy we are. The typical range is 4 to 6 weeks, but it could be more or less, depending on our backlog. Please call us and we can give you a better estimate.

Do I need to come in and get measured?

Preferably, yes. If we take your measurements, then we can take full responsibility for the proper fit. When we work from measurements taken by others, then we guarantee that your uniform will match the measurements provided, but that still not provide the proper fit if the measurements were off.

You made a uniform for me previously. Do you still have my measurements on file?

Yes! Just let us know who you were flying fro at the time, and we will pull your measurements. If your previous uniform still fits properly, and has not been altered since it was made, then we can use the measurements on file. If you have grown an inch or two here or there, then we can compensate for that, but if the fit is significantly off, or your uniform has been altered, then please come in and get measured.

I don't get to L.A. very often. What can I do?

We prefer it if you can arrange a trip to L.A. to get measured, but if that is impossible then we will work with you. Keep in mind that if the uniform doesn't fit, and you have provided the measurements, then we can only guarantee that the uniform matches the measurements provided. If it needs alterations, then that will be at your expense.

What happens when my uniform is ready?

We prefer that you come in for a final fitting. It is not unusual for a made-to measure uniform to require some adjustments. If you come in and try it on, then we can ensure that the fit is perfect, and will provide you with years of comfortable service. If that is not possible, then we will ship your uniform to you. If the uniform requires only minor work like a hem, than we can often have our tailor complete it while your wait.

I like my uniform to stand out from the crowd? Can I get a custom lining?

Absolutely. While your employer probably specifies the color and style of your uniform, you can still choose a lining that will allow you to tell your uniform apart from everyone else's. Just give us a call and tell us what you are looking for. Custom linings may incur additional charges.

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